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Established in 1991, Rare Parts is the place to go for your motoring needs. As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of renovation and restoration car parts, Rare Parts pride themselves on their knowledge and customer service to ensure your auto project is smooth motoring, all the way.

Professional restorers know that the team at Rare Parts will go above and beyond to track down that critical part. Project renovators know that they’ll be given the best advice on what products are required and when. Those new to the world of renovation and restoration can rest assured that the Rare Parts team cares about your project not just the contents of your wallet.

Easily located in Bentley on Albany Hwy, the shop stock parts for most makes and models including Holden, Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda and Nissan and what we don’t have on hand we can source for you. With over 70 years of combined experience in motor vehicle repair and restoration, the team at Rare Parts don’t just tinker, they are the real deal.



Todd is never backward in sharing his love of car restoration, with any of our customers.

He is always willing to share his knowledge of all things Holden; however, he has extensive working knowledge of other vehicles. As very few are aware, Todd has a degree in Accounting and Finance.

He is a dog person, bourbon over beer, if given the choice and hates tomatoes! Todd has run small businesses for the past 20 years from a family butcher shop, to mobile car detailing and finally settling with Rare Parts in 2005, not long after his two sons were born. Todd is a member of the Monaro Car Club and has owned over 50 cars in the past 25 years, mostly HQ – WB Holden.



Paul is the longest serving member of the Rare Parts team – not sure if that makes him a saint or a beggar for punishment!

Traditionally trained as a cabinet maker. Current member of the Ace Ford Club and Zephyr Zodiac Owners Car Club. Bourbon is his preferred poison, however beer works just as well. Tea not coffee unless extremely tired from burning the midnight oil on projects

Continental rolls, smoked pork sausages and custard slice – only when his boss remembers to buy them from the local lunch bar. He is always happy share his extensive knowledge with our clients to ensure their projects are successful



Rob joined the Rare Parts team in 2017. He has very quickly become part of the Rare Parts family, injecting his sense of humour, handy cooking tips and a wealth of knowledge of a wide range of cars.

Rob is a qualified coded welder by trade and has worked in the welding industry for over 15 years in a small family business servicing and hiring welders. Rob has never formally used his qualifications; however, it has come in handy while building cars.

His build list includes 3 Monaro’s, 1 Torana and a 57 Chevy for himself and has undertaken countless projects for others.The Zandvliet family have a fleet of 6 GMH cars, and Rob’s current project is a HG ute for his 21-year-old daughter. Rob is the current President of the Monaro Car Club. His love of cars is shared with his wife and daughters, car cruises are a way of life and they are avid Eagles supporters.



Marcus has been part of the family, for more than the 5 years that he has worked at the shop.

Todd and Marcus have had a friendship that has spanned over 35 years, seen each other through life’s challenges however they have always given one another their honest opinion.

Marcus will always apply his unique, left of centre thought process to any situation that is presented to him. He is our MacGyver – turning unused items into works of art through his Blazing Swan commitments. His thought process is always – “If you can’t buy it, build it”. Working with Marcus always means listening to EDM as he not a Mix 94.5FM type of guy.