Holden Bumper Kit Bonnet VB Commodore & Gemini TX – TG

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Bonnet (hood) Rubber bumper kit which goes in the font guard (fender) and bonnet of the vehicle. The side bonnet bumper rubbers go in the front guards (fender),

To install the side rubbers to the guard, size the hole in the rubber first using a piece of stiff fencing wire or a small screwdriver cut the end of level with no sharp edges, then lubricate the domed head and carefully push the head through the hole in the guard, the bumper rubbers for the front of the bonnet these are a turn type rubber, wind in or out to set the height so the bonnet is level with the guards.

This product suits Holden VB, VC, VH, VK, TX, TD, TE, TF and TG

  • Commodore, L, SL, SL/E, Vacationer, SL/X, SS, Executive, Berlina, Calais, Fashion Pack, Sandpiper
  • Sedan, Wagon, Door Coupe, 2 Door Panel Van, 2 Door Wagon
  • Fitted with 4 cylinder Isuzu 1.6 Litre, 1.8 Litre, 6 cylinder Red and Blue motor 173, (2850) 3300 (202), 8 cylinder V8 Red and Blue motor 4.2 Litre (253), 5.0 Litre (308) engine